Day: June 2, 2018

Travel Safely In a Bulletproof Car

Technological advancement has lead to various kind of innovation. Along with the technological advancement comes the threat of deadly weapons. The deadly weapons are posing a great threat to the society. Often, the politicians, ambassadors, celebrities are the subject of the terror groups. The vehicles in which they travel are more prone to attack. Thus, in order to remain safe and avoid becoming a prey to the target groups, the important personnel’s are considering traveling in a bulletproof car.


Need Of Armored Transportation Has Been Present Before Also

 The need of armored vehicles for safeguarding the people is not a new one. The concept was very well present even a few decades back. Basically, armored transportation was meant to protect people from any kind of danger and assaults. This kind of vehicle was previously used during the World War. It was also used for the transportation of important valuables like documents or machineries from one military post to another post in a safe manner.

However, nowadays this kind of vehicle is being used widely by the SWAT team, law enforcement officials as well as by financial authorities. They are being used as it can provide high level of security to the people who travel in them.

Many of you who are new to this kind of vehicle may be wondering how traveling in a bulletproof car or an armored car can ensure safety. In order to know how the vehicles ensure safety, you need to go through the rest of the blog.



Bulletproof vehicles are designed in such a way that it looks similar to a normal vehicle. But the only massive difference between them is its safety features. The safety features like armoring of the vehicle make a vehicle vastly different from a normal car.

During the manufacturing of a bulletproof car, safety feature is always given a foremost priority. Proper attention is provided to the vehicle so that it is made ballistic resistance. Basically, depending on the level of resistance the armoring is done. If one wants their car to resist bullet shots then a certain level of armoring would be provided. It would change accordingly.



In order to make a bulletproof car the materials that go into the making of it vastly varies. Starting from the roof to the floor and the body of a bulletproof car is made of galvanized and stainless steel. The steel is then hardened in order to make it more protected. Not only can it withstand corrosion and rust, but it can also withstand high heat. The steel is hardened during the process of forging.

After the body of the car, comes the window. The windows are made up of bulletproof glass. Usually, thick layer of glass is chosen in order to withstand gun shots from rifle.


bulletproof car comes with steel bumpers. the bumpers can easily destroy any kind of obstruction. They also have invisible gun ports which allow the guards to fight back the attackers. All these features make a bulletproof vehicle completely safe to travel in any high-risk zones. So remain protected with a bulletproof vehicle. Check this modified Mercedes limo that every VIP wants.

Toronto Car Repair Is a Better Option than Car Dealership

Do you own a car? If you answer it in Yes you will definitely know that your car is bound to face some sort of problem from time to time. Sometimes, your car might fail to start or engine may not function properly and so on. Whatever may be the reason, it is always better to take the car for a scheduled service. However, for many years, people have come up with the question, “Whether a reputed car repair shop is a better option an authorized dealer?”

Well, to answer the question simply, it is always better to take the help of Toronto car repair services. The reason to choose a local car repair mechanic or a shop over a dealership shop is very simple. Local car repairing companies can provide great deal of services at an affordable rate. Moreover, there are also other reasons to consult a reputed mechanic.


Necessity of Maintenance and Repairs

It is a well-known fact that car maintenance is important. It can ensure that the car runs well. However, it is important to check out the car is not having any technical snags. If it has any kind of snag it should be repaired.

However, when you are considering about repairs, choosing the right Toronto car repair mechanic is important. Following tips can help you to choose a right shop for the task.

Experience: The mechanics of a dealership shop and an independent shop have same level of experience. However, when it comes to servicing a vehicle, the mechanics of a dealership shop are specialists. They deal with certain kind of vehicles. This means that they may hesitate to work on other vehicle brands. But a local car repair shop in Toronto can prove services on all branded cars. They won’t fuss over the fact.

Warranty: The dealership shop when providing services for car repairs does not remain accountable for their work, once the warranty period is over. However, this is not the case with a Toronto car repair company. Even after the repairing services are done, the mechanic remains accountable for their work.

Cost: As dealership shops deals with only branded cars they come up with a high cost. They go for costly parts while replacing some parts. Basically, they don’t even consult with the customers. However, the repair shops in Toronto take the advice of their customers before going for any replacing. As a result they don’t come up with a huge bill.

Customer Satisfaction: For any local Toronto car repair shop, customer satisfaction is important. Hence, they give more importance to client’s decision before taking any decision. They try to make sure that clients remain 100% happy. However, dealership shops only aim to make money. They don’t care for client satisfaction.

According to a latest survey on ‘repair satisfaction’ it has been seen that customers are more satisfied with the services of independent car repair shops than a dealership shop. So next time, when your car falls ill, makes sure you get in touch with a right Toronto car repair shop.